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Monday, March 21, 2005

Book is finished!!

Saturday, March 19 2:35PM. A "Kennedy"-type moment, for me at least. I turned to the wife during one of the basketball games and announced that the book was done. It wasn't a big fan-fare type of moment, but my level of relaxation has improved by two or three orders of magnitude. The wife has a version at the moment and hopefully this week I will ship it off to my editor.

I think writing a book is a lot like childbirth (from what I hear of the latter, of course). You don't remember how bad it was during the ordeal, but the end result is pretty neat and therefore you might be dumb enough to do it again.

It think it will be a gas to see my name on the shelf at Barnes and Noble. However, in reality I hope to never see my name on the shelf - in hopes that the book sells well.

Perhaps I will take on another project next year, at the moment I have several papers I want to get finished so I can be famous one day.

I think between now and September some very interesting work is going to get finished.

Congratulations on finishing your book! What is it about?
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