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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A word of caution...

to cities like Detroit and Arlington with big plans to host a Superbowl.

Word on the street is that Jacksonville isn't going to pull it off. Not surprising, after all Georgia and Florida agreed to play their annual gridiron match there, in my opinion, because neither Gainesville nor Athens wanted their city trashed every other year and nobody cares if Jacksonville is trashed every year. I am only half-teasing about that, I really do think Jacksonville has a comparative advantage in hosting 100,000 drunks for the weeekend. I am not sure that Jacksonville has what it takes, literally, to keep high rollers entertained for a week.

I know that Arlington doesn't, and I doubt that Detroit does. The NFL is quick to hand out a Superbowl to a city that has a new stadium (although Jacksonville's stadium is simply a renovated Gator Bowl), but the reality is that the majority of the Superbowls will continue to be played in Miami, New Orleans, San Diego and Phoenix. Cities like Arlington, Jacksonville, and Detroit will be granted one Superbowl - EVER!!!

I spent 45 minutes this morning with a reporter from the local fishwrap discussing the "deal" Arlington struck with the Cowboys. We will see how much I said makes it into the paper in the next few days - perhaps I can instill a sense of buyer's remorse in Arlingtonians...kinda like the feeling you get when you see the photographs of the weekend in Vegas - I did what?

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