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Friday, February 04, 2005

Paper mill continues to grind on...

A "short" piece on international software piracy that we will be presenting at the 2005 Academy of Economics and Finance next week:
The Impact of Software Piracy on Economic Development
with Trisha Bezmen

This paper investigates the relationship between overall economic development, as measured by the United Nations Human Development Index, and software piracy. The question is pertinent because various multinational organizations have implemented intellectual property rights enforcement actions without a clear understanding of how violations of intellectual property rights might contribute to the development of a country, especially one at the low end of the global income distribution. Software piracy might contribute significant public goods or productive capital to a country, which might outweigh the lost revenues the software industry suffers from piracy. Initial evidence suggests that, after controlling for the endogeneity of software piracy, countries with greater levels of software piracy have lower levels of overall economic development. These results support those who argue that intellectual property right enforcement increases economic activity.

(Paper here)

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