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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I hate to break it to you...

From this week's Chronicle of Higher Education:
Where in the popular imagination or in scholarly studies is the bourgeois, well-educated, cosmopolitan black gay man? asks Dwight A. McBride, chair of the department of African American studies at Northwestern University.

Sorry, Dwight. I haven't though much about the bourgeois, well-educated, cosmopolitan black gay man. In fact, I have never thought about the bourgeois, well-educated, cosmopolitan black gay man. Probably my fault, I know, but it just never crossed my mind.

There was a law professor at SMU (now at American) who wrote articles about the legal rights and discriminations that would fit into this mold. I believe one of his articles was called "Gay Rights for Gay Whites" that discussed the laws differing treatment of the gay whites and gay blacks.
I am sure that there is good work done in these areas, but my point was directed at the wording used by the Chronicle..."in the popular imagination?" It would seem that is a different ball of wax than legal discrimination/differences. I take this to mean, how would the black, cosmopolitan, gay man be depicted in popular television shows - would that depiction be consistent with reality...but it turns out that I think most people have not thought about the cosmo, black, gay man, either good or bad, and therefore it seems like a question that is "easy" to answer.
Good point Craig. Wayne Brady? Just kidding...sort of.
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