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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Heresy, I say!!

The article "All Teachers Are Not the Same" proposes changing the salary structure for high school and elemetary school teachers. The author is brave, mostly correct, but taking a tremendous risk. She suggests that
We need a compensation structure that utilizes multiple approaches. These should include paying teachers more for: 1) attaining knowledge and skills that demonstrably contribute to improving student learning; 2) mentoring newer and less skilled teachers; 3) teaching in hard-to-staff schools and choosing difficult-to-staff subjects; 4) producing higher test scores, using a value-added approach.

It would be nice, but likely will not happen. The bad teachers don't want their salaries pegged to performance and there are likely a lot of bad teachers. Second, the compensation schemes are already in place only they are non-monetary in nature. Good teachers get to teach in the nice schools as a form of compensation. Young, bad teachers get to teach in crack town.

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