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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Here I sit in South Carolina

I sit looking out my window at Margaritaville on Broadway in Myrtle Beach.

MB is everything that shouldn't be, but at least it is localized in one place. There are a few other places on the east coast that are similar touristy traps - Virginia Beach, Jersey Beach, perhaps Daytona and Panama City. All of them should not exist, but if they didn't then all the tourist traps would relocate to your home town - not a desirable outcome.

I grew up three blocks from one of the most recognizable tourist traps in the South - Rock City - so I understand the negative externalities that arise from lost Yankees trying to find their way even after driving by thousands of signs pointing the way.

I haven't been to MB in about fifteen years or so, and even though it is raining and a bit chilly, things don't look much different. Other than the entertainment mecca which seems to be Margaritaville - a huge meat-market looking bar - and more generally the Broadway entertainment complex (replete with Imax, a cheesey Hunley exhibit, and other neon festooned restaurants and bars) there doesn't seem to be much here. If any of my fellow economists are in the area and happen onto the blog please call me and save me from jumping out of the sixth floor window (unfortunately? I would end up in the large kidney shaped pool).

Tomorrow I get to economize at the AEF sessions, which are fun because a lot of Southerners attend this conference - and a few non-Southerners as well (Brad). I gotta try to find some seafood.

If I blog less than normal, then you can understand why - I'm probably at margaritaville.

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