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Thursday, February 03, 2005

A couple of good points

made by Chris Depken over at Turn the Screw in this post taking on political bloggers who feel obligated to pipe off about French wine:
And furthermore, can you really participate in a boycott of something you don't even use?

and a really good point, especially for a non-economist:
Take into account simply producing a wine that is true to form and place. Then try shipping it across the ocean. But to do that, and insure that what arrives on our shores isn't really pretty vinegar, you must ship in refrigerated containers. Once in port, the Bioterrorism Law (which Justin cited for sales figures) kicks in and the wine can be hung up in the red tape for weeks. Once it gets through that, the wine then has to be trucked from NYC or Savannah or any port across the damn country, again in a 'refer' trailer. For the wine to have gone through all of this and still be available to you at $9.00 is no minor miracle. Of course, this is all predicated on the wine actually being wine instead of cutely packaged Kool-Aid. And while it's true California must deal with similar shipping issues to get their wine to Georgia, the whole pond thing is a non-issue. What French wine is good and costs 9 bucks? Delas Frères Côtes-du- Ventoux 2002.

Preach on preacher...

Tasty blog! Please check out my basket country gift wine blog.
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