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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Why we are running the joint

There are reports that animals avoided the tsunamis, either confirming their sixth sense or that their five senses are much more sensitive than ours. I tend to believe the latter explanation - animals have not dedicated as much to developing the brain and rational thought and therefore maintain a higher level of "instinct" and "sense" response.

Notwithstanding the animals ability to sense subtle changes in their environment, here is another reason why mankind is running the joint:

Here's what this is all about.
Nanoscale polymer capsules could one day be used to deliver chemotherapy direct to tumours, leaving adjacent tissue unscathed. The capsules would be designed to rupture when heated by a low-energy laser pulse, delivering their payload right where it is needed.

Anti-cancer drugs would be more effective, and the side effects less severe, if they could home in on a tumour and be delivered in a single burst. This would allow the drug to reach the concentrations needed to kill cancer cells, while minimising damage to surrounding tissue.

Not too shabby...

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