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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Who's really stingy with tsunami relief?

I remember a lot of jokes being made after France allegedly promised a mere $140k for tsunami relief while the UN and others were accusing the United States of being "stingy."

Well, it turns out that France has upped their tsunami relief contributions to about $55m. However, Bulgaria comes in with the lowest "official" contribution at $140k and Cyprus with $370k. Meanwhile, the U.S. is pretty low on the ranking of contributions per billion of GDP and per-capita contributions but we rank second in overall contributions (which include private contributions) [more here]

Do we not pick on the Bulgarians because it isn't as much fun? Is it because we implicitly understand that Bulgaria probably doesn't have a lot to offer in the first place? Or do we just make fun of the French because they often seem a little bit poopy about things?

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