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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Something fishy with Google library project

Interesting points offered here such as:
"At Stanford, Google hopes to be able to scan 50,000 pages a day within the month, eventually doubling that rate, according to a person involved in the project."


50,000 pages a day is 2,083 pages per hour.

Let's double this rate, as Google will do "eventually," and call it 4,167 pages per hour. How many years will it take to do 8 million x 200 pages per volume?

8 million x 200 = 1,600,000,000 pages to be scanned.

1,600,000,000 / 4,167 = 383,969 hours to scan Stanford's library at the speed they hope to attain "eventually."

Let's run 24-hours a day (three shifts of temp workers at minimum wage!) and assume that the wizards at the Googleplex will never have any down time. How many days is this? 383,969 / 24 = 15,999 days.

How many years is this? 15,999 / 365.25 = 43.8 years.

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