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Monday, January 24, 2005

Privatizing can be dangerous to one's health

At least in Lagos, Nigeria. The college kids went on a rampage when they learned that the dormitories were going to be privatized (Chronicle story reg required).

What!?! There is something else going on here, perhaps too little homework, because the response by the kids was a little over the top:
The University of Lagos, Nigeria's largest higher-education institution, was closed indefinitely last week after students went on a rampage to protest the government's decision to privatize residence halls....During the melee, the university's vice chancellor, Oye Ibidapo-Obe, escaped from angry students who were threatening to lynch him. After failing to find him, the students set his house on fire and torched five cars there as well. They also looted and burned the house of the dean of students, Dele Olowokudejo, and beat members of his family.

A similar riot broke out at the University of Ibadan, 100 miles north of Lagos. Thirty students were injured when anti-riot police officers were called to remove the students from the streets and force them back onto the campus.
Lynch the vice chancellor for privatizing the dorms? Now I understand why administrators get a premium over simple professors.

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