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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Possible NHL Rules Changes

Assuming the team owners and players can come to an agreement so that an NHL hockey game will be played before 2007, it is possible that the NHL will consider several rules changes to help the offense and increase scoring. Most leagues change rules for one of two reasons - to make the games go faster (shot clocks, etc) or to help the offense (NFL's new pass interference interpretation, etc).

Here is a run-down of the possible changes according to today's Dallas Morning News:
  1. Goaltenders get no-handling zone behind their goal line and in the corners
  2. Tag-up rule returns
  3. No-touch icing
  4. Goal lines moved back two feet
  5. The shootout replaces overtime/ties
  6. Lines are one foot wider

The explanation of the rule changes is offered here. Some of the rules are interesting but I am skeptical that these rules changes will prove a panacea for hockey's television woes. Nevertheless, they are interesting to think about.

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