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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Larry, y'gotta have a website...

Why? Because otherwise people won't know about L&M Phillips 66 in Lyons, Kansas.

Hit their site and turn up the speakers. I'm from Georgia, and the site should be banned for the midi file alone.

One interesting tidbit:
For the week of April 29, 2002 to May 6, 2002 our special is:

Lube Oil Filter (LOF)
For $16.95
This includes a 29 Point insepction

a) It looks like they didn't run the spell check, and
b) It looks like they lost the password to the site.

Found via one of the best time-waster blogs I have come across: Gas Station Websites

The dot-com craze really got to these gas station folks, and a bunch of other small businesses too, I bet. There's a masters thesis in estimating how much "false" GDP was attributed to cyber-sites that were essentially sunk costs.

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