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Friday, January 21, 2005

If you can't join 'em...

Friend Richard Buttimer points me to this January 21, 2005 Chronicle of Higher Education story (sorry, reg required), reproduced here in full (for public good sake):
UCLA Political Scientist 'Boycotts' Economics Journals

PAPER PROTEST: Susanne Lohmann has found an unusual way to protest the fact that the economics department at the University of California at Los Angeles has refused to grant her a joint appointment. She says she is "boycotting" requests to review articles submitted to national economics journals.

Ms. Lohmann, who has been a professor in the political-science department at UCLA since 1993 but earned her Ph.D. in economics, has long wanted to be part of the university's economics department. Her interdisciplinary research has been published in both leading economics and political-science journals. One international ranking of scholars shows her work cited more often than that of any other female economist in the world.

But the economics department at UCLA rejected her bid for a joint appointment in 2000 and has refused to reconsider. "Economics is very, very narrow and hostile toward new approaches," she says. Ms. Lohmann, who is 43 and a native of Germany, is now considering a job offer in economics from the University of Hamburg.

Professors in UCLA's economics department acknowledge that Ms. Lohmann is a good scholar. "Intellectually, she's certainly on par with other members of the department," says David K. Levine, interim chairman. But he says the bottom line in the department's decision to reject her was her "horrible personality." And he says he can't imagine why she would think refusing to review articles would improve her bid to join the department.

So far, Ms. Lohmann has turned down at least two dozen requests to review articles submitted to major economics journals. She won't halt her boycott, she says, until UCLA's economics department makes her a member.

If economists say you have a "horrible personality" that's saying something. She looks nice enough.

No wonder Hamburg made her an offer. "Horrible personality" is a job requirement for professors at German universities. If she is arrogant as well, she's the perfect fit. She should be thankful for Levine's statement. It's the best recommendation she can ask for. Hope she enjoys the Reeperbahn.
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