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Monday, January 10, 2005

How Now Cloned Cow?

From BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly:
First Cow Cloned From Carcass Births Healthy Calf

"It's never over till it's over," Yogi Berra used to say. University of Georgia (UG) animal scientist, Steven Stice, took that one further. On Dec. 15, a healthy calf, named Sunshine, was born in Stice's UG research facility by natural birth from a mother, named KC, cloned from the kidney cell of a processed cow.

More here

We used to poke fun at the Poultry Research labs (located a little off the main UGA campus) as making very large, genetically altered chickens. Now, those "jokes" made in the late 1980's are reality, at least in the beef industry. If these animals are taken to market and processed, will we be informed of the type of beef we are buying?

Nevertheless, it is nice to see that there is more going on at my alma mater than football!

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