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Friday, January 14, 2005

Good things happening at my Alma Mater

UGA President Michael Adams suggests that academic standards at the University of Georgia are going to increase and tuition hikes are likely.

This is exactly what I had hoped for from this president (at least in terms of academics, we won't discuss the athletic program decisions). I came to UGA in 1987 and left in 1996, matching the incoming and outgoing of previous president Charles Knapp. Knapp was a pretty good president and managed to get the ball rolling on the academics at UGA, especially after the Jan Kemp affair d'football. The upshot was that my undergraduate years were full of partying - the way UGA had been for the previous thirty years - and my graduate years were on the leading period of the ramp up to better quality - HOPE scholarships were instituted during my graduate teaching years.

Hopefully, one day UGA will be up there with Virginia and other high quality state schools - and the value of my degree will increase even as the human capital underlying the degree depreciates (slowly, I hope!!).

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