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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The future of the Democrat party?

Yesterday, Ted Kennedy gave a speech at the National Press Club outlining the future of the Democrat Party. What is it? Spend, spend, spend...

Streaming video here
Transcript here

The list of the ideas:
  1. every child in America, upon reaching eighth grade, be offered a contract. Let students sign it, along with their parents and Uncle Sam. The contract will state that if you work hard, if you finish high school and are admitted to college, we will guarantee you the cost of earning a degree.
  2. We should make tuition in graduate school free for needy students in those disciplines. And we should make undergraduate tuition free for any young person willing to serve as a math or science teacher in a public school for at least four years.
  3. We should reduce our dependence on foreign oil - not by drilling in the priceless Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, but by investing in clean energy.
  4. We should invest in new schools and modernize old ones, to make schools the pride of their communities again.
  5. We should invest in research and development, to pave the way for innovation and growth.
  6. We should invest in broadband technology, so that every home, school, and business in America has easy and comprehensive access to the internet.
  7. We should invest in mass transit, to reduce the pollution in our air and the congestion on our roads.
  8. We should... start demanding immediate action to reduce global warming, and prevent the catastrophic climate change that may be on our horizon now.
  9. require all employers to give employees at least seven days of paid sick leave a year.
  10. we must act at long last to raise the federal minimum wage.
  11. I propose that as a 40th birthday gift to the American people, we expand Medicare over the next decade to cover every citizen - from birth to the end of life.
  12. For those who prefer private insurance, we will offer comparable coverage under the same range of private insurance plans already available to Congress.

Brother Ted offers a bunch of other general spending programs, including child care, more spending on early education, more spending on high school education, civil unions, more radical income redistribution, etc. Does this all sound familiar? So the future of the Democrat party is not to change their old ways but to extend them. Instead of proposing the federal and state governments to collect and redistribute thirty percent of national GDP the Democrats haven't been ambitious enough and should seek to collect and redistribute fifty or sixty percent of GDP.

I am not sure this is the road to success for the Dems.

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