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Monday, January 24, 2005

Extra!! Extra!! Suppliers wish to avoid competition...

From last weeks BEEF Cow-Calf weekly, a beef industry newsletter, comes this shocking news:
Don't Open Border To Canada On March 7, Readers Say

Only 13% of 1,485 respondents to last week's BEEF Cow-Calf Weekly survey of reader attitudes on Canada trade believe the U.S. should allow Canadian live cattle to cross the border on March 7, as USDA proposes. Of respondents, 51.9% say the border should be kept closed indefinitely, while 34.3% say reopening of the border to Canada should be tied to the resumption of U.S. beef exports.
I am amazed that 13% were willing to re-open the border.

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- Extra!! Extra!! Suppliers wish to avoid competition...



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