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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Because I am sick of looking at it...

I post a paper on anti-ticket scalping legislation. I am not convinced of my modelling skills, and therefore humbly accept comments.

Another Look at Anti-Scalping Laws: Theory and Evidence

This paper investigates the impact of anti-scalping laws on the face value of tickets to entertainment and sporting events such as professional football and baseball. Previous theoretical models have suggested that scalpers might cause an increase in prices at the ticket window because they represent an increase in demand. A recent theoretical contribution by Courty (2003) suggests that anti-scalping laws might not impact the price of tickets in the primary market. In this paper, the theoretical model extends that of Courty and shows that it is possible for scalping to cause a reduction in prices relative to a market in which scalping is not allowed. Empirical evidence from professional football and baseball suggest that in cities with anti-scalping laws the average per-game season ticket price increases approximately $6 in football and $1.00 in baseball. These increases would increase team revenues by approximately $1.5 million per year, which might provide sufficient incentive for team officials to tacitly or explicitly support anti-scalping legislation.

Adobe Version here

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