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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Back in paradise

I have finally made it back to DFW after ordeals through O'Hare and lost baggage. Spent my travel time reading Steinbeck and thinking about the past year in sports, especially, but also all things economic. I will have a list up tomorrow - fellow sports economists feel free to pipe off on my top 20 list.

Coming back from Chattanooga - the boyhood home and home of the first Coca Cola bottling plant, I always find this graphic of interest...I have a story about asking for Coke in Brooklyn - to say the least my inquiry did not go over very well.

Happy New Year everybody!!

I dont know about your experience in Brooklyn. But I have been in the NYC metro area my entire life and work in Manhattan. Coke and Soda are pretty much used interchangeable and I would give a slight edge to Coke despite what the map says.
However the first time I ever traveled beyond the area I went to Minnesota and it was my first encounter with "pop." What was even more strange was that they acted as if they didnt understand what coke or soda meant.

Also, for some reason Dr Pepper is called Dr Pib in some areas.

Cheack out my post on the variations in Hostess Cupcake names in different regions.
Hostess Cakes
Craig's younger brother went to goal keepers' camp (soccer for those of you who think it might have been for hockey and then it would have been goalie's camp) for a week in the Chicago area. We picked him up and heard all the stories of asking for "Coke" and no one knowing what he wanted - "just a carbonated drink" but everyone from the Midwest called that "pop". We were lucking that the kids called their father "Dad" and not "Pop" or we'd have had more weeks of complaint.

Mom D
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