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Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas, er Kwanza...er, you know what I mean

Fired up the laptop tonight to get some work done on a couple of empirical analyses burning fire for my coauthors and find that someone in my in-laws neighborhood has a wireless lan up and running and gifted to the world...how cool is that.

Thanks, whoever you are.

I had hoped to have put the finishing touches on a paper dealing with anti-scalping laws in order to post it here as a little Christmas present for the regular readers of the blog. Alas, they haven't been completed and perhaps it will be another week or so until I have them done - me and the missus and the little one are on a Southeastern tour - Greenville, SC to York, SC to Chattanooga, TN - then back to DFW in order to turn around and head off to Philly for the national economists convention - yes, the hookers will likely take the weekend off.

A shout out to the people I have met over the past year blogging and to my friends who are regular readers...you know who you are.

We are almost a year into blogging and have just surpassed 12,000 hits...not too shabby I suppose. Thanks to those who read regularly.


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- Merry Christmas, er Kwanza...er, you know what I mean



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