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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Some more on the stadium vote...

  • FWST article that puts the burden of making the stadium pay off on the shoulders of Arlington
    Whether Arlington or Dallas or Price [Dallas County Commissioner] and Miller [Dallas Mayor] will have the last laugh will depend mightily on whether the new stadium turns out to be the powerful generator of residual development and visitation attraction that it's billed to be. The potential clearly is enormous.

    Now all Arlington has to do is make it happen.

    Gee, thanks.

  • Latest results:
    Authorizing the raising of three taxes and creation of
    two user taxes to help pay for a $650 million stadium
    for the Dallas Cowboys.

    For 61,937 55.27%
    Against 50,117 44.73%

    Precincts reporting: 102/117 87.2%

  • Another Star Telegram Report on the stadium vote.

    Some interesting tidbits in the aftermath:

  • On April 1, the city will begin collecting the sales, car-rental and hotel taxes that will pay off the bonds that will be sold to pay for the city's share of the stadium cost.

    Stadium construction is slated to begin in 2007 or 2008. So, we get taxed for five years before the stadium is even built.

  • The pro-stadium campaign side raised about $5.1 million, and the anti-stadium group raised about $43,000.

    Talk about David vs. Goliath. Lesson to be learned by other anti-stadium subsidy groups - you have to spend money. It is understandable that inidivudals will not spend lots of money on advertising, and even that individuals will not contribute a lot to the anti-subsidy groups. However, this is what non-profit think tanks, and the like are for, right?

  • Grapevine Mayor William D. Tate was excited about the prospect of a stadium being built in nearby Arlington. "Without investing any money, I think we will get substantial benefit."

    The surrounding cities are already free-riding on Arlington.

  • Here is an interesting precinct by precinct vote outcome map of Arlington. My neighborhood was one of the few that voted NO.

    My neighborhood is marked with an 'X' right above the "white space" (which is Pantego and Dallworthington Gardens) in the middle of Arlington. The neighborhood where the stadium will be built is marked with a "+" in the neighborhood directly above Division St. and south of Interstate 30.

    My neighborhood was one of the few to vote no, whereas the the neighborhood where the stadium will be built voted in excess of 60% in favor of the stadium. Who stands to gain immediately? Property owners in the stadium district who will be bought out by the city's land procurement agency.

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