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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Wine sales for the worst reason

Arlington is the biggest city in Texas without wine and liquor sales. All the cities around Arlington (and one that is subsumed by Arlington) have or are going to have wine/liquor sales. So, Arlington has to get on board.


Not because of any nod to personal choice, or the quality of life in Arlington, but because of tax revenues. You see, the city is in the red for $16m and therefore all the tax dollars that can be reasonably raised must be raised - which seems a little like fiddling while Rome burns because the city leadership is willing to spend at least $24m a year on debt service for a new stadium.

Anyway, I am sick of government "allowing" me to do something not because it is my natural right but because the government wants to tax me. If the city was not running a deficit, it seems, the ballot initiative to allow wine/liquor sales would not be considered appropriate.

Perhaps in the Bible belt Satan is not invited but will be tolerated for fiscal reasons.

The Shorthorn

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