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Sunday, August 29, 2004


The Democrats have evidently taken a new tactic in their battle against Pres. Bush. Instead of painting Pres. Bush as a lightweight, a dim bulb, as an incompentent, they are now insisting that Pres. Bush is a genius.

Mr. Kerry suggested last week that Bush is an excellent debater, which is a far cry from what we heard in the 2000 campaign, and that Bush will likely win the debates because they are "formulaeic." I suppose that means that Mr. Gore and, ostensibly Mr. Kerry, are not good at the formulas and therefore will lose the debate. The argument then seems to be, Mr. Kerry will lose the debates but you should still vote for him.

Hmmmm....Seems like an odd strategy, but then so too does fighting the Vietnam war again.

Then, I come across an article by Donna Brazile, the genius who led Al Gore to defeat (albeit narrowly), supposedly warning Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards that:
Sen. John Kerry can win this election by understanding that he is running against a shrewd, clever and an extremely intelligent opponent who was trained in political combat by the late GOP strategist Lee Atwater.
So now Pres. Bush is a "shrewd," "clever," and "extemeley intelligent"? I have a feeling that the majority of Mr. Kerry's supporters would scoff at that characterization while the majority of Mr. Bush's supporters would agree in general.

I was here in Texas for four years of Pres. Bush as governor of Texas and he was a reasonable leader and he actually did work with state Democrats, who may be more conservative than the rest of the Democrat party but nevertheless Mr. Bush was willing to cooperate. Now, Pres. Bush is accused of being a divider, not an uniter, of squandering our fiscal prosperity, squandering our national reputation, but at the same time he is a genius?

Hillary Clinton was on television today suggesting that the administration will put on a "Potemkin convention," that their campaign is "pitiful" and that their re-election would "be a disaster." But Pres. Bush is a genius?

I don't think the Democrats can successfully go 180 degrees out of phase of what they have been saying about George W. Bush for the past 8 years - four at the national and four more at the state. Perhaps it will work, that expectations for Pres. Bush will rise and then when he misspeaks in the debate the Democrats can claim false victory, but it seems like the tactics of a campaign that is in trouble and knows it.

On top of that, it is straight out Orwellian and therefore disturbing.

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