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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The more things change...

Found recently:
Great numbers of Northerners - weary of war, grieving of loved ones, burdensomely taxed, fearful of arbitrary government and conscription - had abundant reason to project their resentments upon the Union President. In his own party, a considerable array of political leaders believed that he was not adequate to his great office in a time of unparalleled crisis. He did not cut the figure of a statesmen in appearance, with his homely levity and frontier pronunciation. Indifferent to administrative detail, he was thought by some persons to be too easy-going, and to spend his time with trifles. His assumption of vast executive power offended many Radical and moderate congressmen, particularly after the issue of reconstruction emerged; and his retention of the moderates Seward and Blair in his cabinet, together with a prudent policy on emancipation, offended Radicals.

All you have to do is replace "Northerners" with "Americans," remove "conscription," replace "Radical" with "liberal," replace "reconstruction [of the South]" with "reconstruction [of Iraq]," replace "Seward" with "Ashcroft," Blair" with "Rumsfeld", and "emancipation" with "the war on terror" and you have the basic arguments against Pres. Bush.

These words were written by James A. Rawley (Turning Points of the Civil War) about Pres. Abraham Lincoln leading up to the election of 1864. If Lincoln had lost that election, it would have likely meant an end to the U.S. Civil War with Southern independence, slavery intact, and a very different twentieth century.

Perhaps we are at the same type of turning point in the Fourth World War - Kerry is not John F. Kennedy who is going to stand up to Communism (Cuba and Vietnam) but is George McClellan, who will try to negotiate a peace with the enemy with the hopes of ending the hostilities without closure on the underlying antagonisms.

Something to think about...

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