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Monday, August 16, 2004

More masochism...

Just to ruin the rest of my weekend, I cruised by Kerry-Edwards.com to check out what's new.

Came across this in the description of their "book" (that every candidate and ticket now feels obligated to publish) on how they are going to make everything in America better:
A Health Plan for Every Child
The Kerry-Edwards plan will pick up the full cost of the more than 20 million children enrolled in Medicaid. In exchange, states will expand eligibility for children's health coverage and low-income adults and enroll every child automatically.

As I have mentioned before, it is difficult to interpret these pearls of wisdom because the writing is ambiguous. I am not sure if Kerry-Edwards are promising to AUTOMATICALLY enroll EVERY child in America, or just those on Medicaid. If it is the former, then can I please opt out, or more accurately keep my daughter from being automatically enrolled in anything? If it is the latter, then Kerry-Edwards are simply moving us closer to universall bad healthcare.

From the first page of the JohnJohn book it seems apparent that the two of them are absolutely lost when it comes to national security:
Today, our country faces challenges that are new and profound. We are fighting a global war against a diffuse and scattered enemy that has already attacked us at home for the first time in generations.

So, JohnJohn have forgotten about WTC I (1993)? We still don't know much about the OK City bombing (1995), and we don't know the entire story behind the Olympic bombing in Atlanta (1996). I don't know if these events are completely unconnected, but then neither do JohnJohn. The first attack in generations?

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