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Monday, August 02, 2004

Markets in everything...

Students of economics learn that goods are things people are willing to pay to consume and bads are things people are willing to pay to avoid consuming.

Enter Kansas City radio station Mix 93.3 FM, which threatened to play Billy Ray Cyrus's "Achy Breaky Heart" continuously until the station had met their goal of raising $20,000 to contribute to the travel expenses of Courtney McCool's (U.S. Olympic Gymnast) family.

The station started with $6,000 and raised $14,000 in a little under four and a half hours, during which they played the song 48 times in a row.

I am surprised it took that long.

If bads are things people are willing to pay to avoid consuming, then saying "my bad" instead of apologizing is even stupider than I thought.

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