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Monday, August 16, 2004

Initial thoughts on the Olympics

1. Attendance at all events seems very low. Perhaps it is just early in the games, but even medal events such as swimming are not pulling in lots of people.

2. The U.S. Basketball team seemed to have no heart in their loss to Puerto Rico. While any team can beat another on a given day, it seems that the professionals on Team USA are trying to play NBA basketball, roughly translated as "give me the ball and clear out - I'm gonna dunk." The international game is much more team oriented - we'd be better off sending the Princeton Tigers to the Olympics.

3. The women's gymnastics team didn't perform as expected, but they looked pretty good nonetheless. Same goes for men's gymnastics.

4. The United States did not qualify for Women's field hockey?

5. The United States did not qualify for Handball in either men's or women's?

6. The United States did not qualify for men's soccer (football)?

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