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Saturday, August 28, 2004

An 'A' for little effort?

E. Frank Stephenson posts at Division of Labour a couple of additional problems with the grading policy at Benedict college: 1) monitoring effort is not practical, 2) students who get A's with little effort might be harmed.

Both points are good ones.

However, my reading of the policy - as presented in the media - is the 'A for effort' is obtained simply by turning in homeworks, exams, and papers in a timely manner not based upon the number of hours studying, etc. If the student turned in all projects on time and received an 'F for academics' the student would still "pass" with a 2.4 as a freshman (.6x4 + .4x0 = 2.4) or with a 2.0 as a sophomore (60-40 split as a frosh, 50-50 split as a soph).

A student who gets an A on academic performance receives a 4.0 (.6x4 + .4x4 = 4) or no benefit from the 'A for effort' policy but a student with an F on academic performance receives a 2.4.

Notwithstanding the impact of the policy on the attractiveness of Benedict college to potential incoming students, the policy should drive all good students out of the ranks of Benedict college.

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