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Monday, July 26, 2004

Where's Congress on this one?

The good folks at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency have provided a nice description of HOW TO MAKE HEROIN!!!

Good god...This from the "conclusions":
Poppy farmers typically spend 6 months of the year in their poppy fields, nurturing and safeguarding their family’s primary cash crop. In contrast, the synthesis of heroin from opium takes only a day or two. But heroin chemists or, more precisely, heroin "cooks," in Mainland Southeast Asia must possess a higher level of knowledge and skills than the poppy farmers who produce the opium. In addition, the owners and operators of such heroin laboratories must provide an elaborate support system of cash, armed protection, chemicals, equipment, transportation, and access to reliable wholesale heroin buyers.
The conclusion starts out as if to decry the fact that the poppy farmer is getting a raw deal by not sharing in the high profits in the heroin industry (which, while it might seem strange that this view would be expressed on an DEA web site, is entirely possible and probable). However, it seems that whoever wrote the report ignored the temptation to decry the capitalist pig-dogs that control the downstream markets for heroin and admitted (tacitly) that those who distribute heroin require a risk-premium, which the poppy farmer doesn't share in. Hopefully, that risk premium is going up over time but I am not convinced. It is entirely possible that our "war" on terrorism has been more successful than the "war" on drugs.

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