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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Where is the median voter now?

I have been busy with final exams this week and therefore have not had too much time to dedicate to the DNC confab in Boston. It seems that the Democrats have decided, probably through focus groups, that if they reveal themselves as the statist party that their policies reflect, the median voter will be turned off and will choose either not to vote or, worse, to vote for Pres. Bush.

Bush, meanwhile has moved a bit left of where his core constituents had hoped he would govern. It is not surprising that Presidents find themselves having to govern a bit more to the right if they are Democrat (see Bill Clinton) and a bit to the left of their core if they are Republican (see George W. Bush). However, during the election is when candidates have to move considerably away from their base in order to "attract" as many voters as possible.

This is what is happening in Boston. The Democrats claim they are the party of fiscal responsibility, of strong military, of morality, of family values? This is the party that celebrated Bill Clinton on Monday? Clinton, the paragon of fiscal responsibility (given gridlock with the Republican Congress), of a strong military (after reducing manpower and expenditures to less than Carter), of moraltiy (what is the definition of "is") and of family values ("Mommy, what is the stain on the dress all about?").

Supposedly people are being convinced that the Democrat party is really the party of the heartland but unfortunately speeches by Carter, Jackson and Sharpton got a bit out of hand and the Republicans have plenty of sound bites with which to truly identify the Dems.

I am actually more scared after reading Edwards' speech last night. "Hope is on the Way?" As a wise man once said, "hope in one hand and shit in the other, see which one fills up first." Edwards promises that there will be one America that is not divided by race or income. I am not sure what that is supposed to mean. Are we all supposed to be the same race? Are we all supposed to have the same income? If so, that is not the America I want to live in, nor one in which I wish to raise my children.

The rhetoric of this week has sounded great, but in the end it is either empty or is so clever as to trick people into thinking they are hearing what they are not.

Take Edwards' "hope is on the way." What are we hoping for? A better job, a higher income, a better car, a bigger house, a family vacation to Disney World? Is the government in the business of providing these things to individual citizens? This is not the role of government, but there are some (perhaps Kerry and Edwards themselves) in the Democrat party who believe that the propoer role of government is to steal the production of one person and give it to another person, while taking a vig in the process.

This simply will not work in the long run - Atlas will Shrug - and it is silly, immature, and dangerous to even pretend that it might. Some imply that if only JohnJohn were in charge we would be safer, richer, more respected, have a stronger military and we could also go back to 9/10/01 and all would be like it was when Bill was running the show. Look at www.johnkerry.com to find any details and let me know if you find any.

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