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Sunday, July 11, 2004

So no one is reading books anymore? Could this be because everyone is online reading other people's blogs.

A classic case of causation vs. correlation is provided Table 14 (page 17 of the report) which reports that only 29.6% of those with less than $10,000 per year read books, whereas 59.4% of those with incomes greater than $75,000 per year read books. Does reading make you more wealthy or do the wealthy have more time to read? Or is there a Z factor that causes you to be wealthy and read more?

Included in Table 14 is the finding that 1.1% of adults with a grade school education read poetry(?!), and that 72.3% of those with a graduate degree read books.

The report purports to claim that people aren't reading anymore, but that is far from obvious. There are no questions about reading on the internet, nor about reading newspapers or magazines. Only books, plays, and poetry are deemed worthy of the status of "reading."

All that said, Appendix C seems to be reasonably well written and executed.

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