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Monday, July 26, 2004

Sandy Berger or the Clintonistas are at it again, go figure...

I haven't had a lot of time to pipe off on things in a big way, but the Sandy Berger episode from last week is one of those things that we as Americans should really get mad about - and yet very little outside of talk radio seems to be gearing up to talk about it.

So here is the scenario. Berger inadvertently steals documents multiple times. He knows that he has stolen them the first time because he returns most, but not all, of the documents when the National Archives requests the papers back. Berger visits the archives two (maybe three) more times and the archivists now record those documents that are being whisked away (this time they are making copies of what he is stealing - I trust Berger didn't know). Starting in January Berger begins being investigated by the FBI. Between January and July, Berger maintains contact with the Kerry Campaign and is one of JFK's foreign policy advisors. In late July the investigation comes to light and then: Bill Clinton suggests that Berger loves to be surrounded by papers and therefore it is okay. Kerry denies that he knew about the investigation - which is either a tremendous lie (most likely) or indicates that Kerry has no clue about the people he has surrounded himself with and would be very dangerous president.

We hear that the Democrats are suspicious of the timing of the "leak" - perhaps because the day ends in 'y' or some such nonsense. I am suspicious of Sandy Berger and his abilities - perhaps he is a moron and that is why we are in the position we are in today. Maybe Berger lost the pages that said "AL QAEDA WANTS TO KILL ALL AMERICANS!!!" Perhaps that was on the pages Berger stole from the National Archives.

Clinton suggests that the "innocent explanation is the more likely" and yet that is exactly what we heard about Filegate, Whitewater, Lewinsky, and so many other things during the Clinton years that we are still hungover from them all and in the end the "innocent explanation" rarely applied.

I don't advocate shooting Berger as a traitor, but a good six to ten years in jail might send a decent signal. As was heard on late night radio in the DFW area over the past week:
  1. The only thing that gets into my socks inadvertently are chiggers.
  2. I was six years old when I knew I couldn't take a comic book out of the public library
It seems that the Democrat party is pretty comfortable with lies and treason in order to win the presidency. I truly believe that there are some Jefforsonian democrats that associate with the Democrat party, and that is sad because the Democrat party today seems very far from Jefforsonian ideals and the honor of our founding fathers.

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