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Saturday, July 31, 2004

DNC lovefest is over...whew

I am trying to recover from the DNC lovefest over the past few days. In the crazy evolution of John Kerry and his position on things, democrats are now in favor of states' rights, fiscal responsibility, were for NAFTA but are now against it, were for war and now against it, were for education reform and are now against it. Meanswhile their parade leader has suddenly decided that maybe our military needs those wonderful toys that he voted against for the past two decades.

I missed the scandal about the "free speech zone" that was A FRIGGIN CAGE!!!

I understand that the Democrats like to put on a pretty face for all the people in fly-over country, but this is a bit over the top. The idea for the cage is blamed on "convention directors" but seems to also have been in the original design of the Democrats Los Angeles convention in 2000.

I doubt that the Republicans will do the same in NYC next month, but I have been wrong before. The differences between the two conventions and their relationship with protestors would make a good commercial for the Bush campaign. It would provide a nice backdrop to a discussion on how the left would treat popular displeasure with, say, nationalized health care or the unfunded liabilities that the Federal government has bequeathed to me and my child, and probably her's as well.

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