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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Rankings are relative

Lots of blogs made mention of a recent "study" that determined El Paso was the sweatiest city in the city, with Greenville, South Carolina, coming in second. It's really just part of the Old Spice web site.

I am sure there were a whole bunch of people snickering and blaming it on Pres. Bush, but really, El Paso is friggin' hot.

Anyway, I found this story that mentions that Honolulu is in the top 22 sweatiest cities in the country. Yeah team!!

Here's the breakdown of my immediate family:

In-Laws - Greenville, SC - #2
Me - Arlington, TX - #13 (Dallas)
Brother - Savannah, GA - #17
Nephew - Birmingham, AL - #34
Best Friend - Atlanta, GA - #37
Parents - Chattanooga, TN - #42
Sister - Charlotte, NC - #54

I suppose us Southerners could be ridiculed for living in the heat, but I haven't seen a "report" to determine the coldest cities in the country - I would be OTFLO about those crazy Northerners....

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