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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

On Hitler in political ads...

In response to the flap over the new "Ad" at the georgebush.com website, Kerry claims that the Republicans are desperate to use Hitler (and the F-bomb). Funny, the F-bomb first flew out of Kerry's mouth with respect to George Bush and the way he F'd up the war. Then MoveOn.org posted the Bush-qua-Hitler ad on its website first. If one watches the Bush ad, the Hitler portion of the advertisement is pointing out that not only has George Bush been accused of betraying his country (Al Gore), being a miserable failure (Dick Gephardt), and for sending us into a needless war (Michael Moore), but that Bush has been made a moral equal of Adolph Hitler, with the phrase "What were crimes in 1945 is foreign policy today."

I don't think anyone who watches the ad will think the Republicans are equating John F. Kerry with Hitler, but that the ad simply outlines the charges, characterizations, and downright ugly things the left has had to say about Pres. Bush over the past 15 months. In the end, blaming the Republicans for using Hitler in an on-line ad when moveon.org did the same thing is not only hypocritical but pathetic.

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