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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Conservatives for Kerry?

Found the Conservatives for Kerry website. Some interesting thoughts, but overall the writing is less than convincing. For instance, this weakly argued post includes the following: "..the supposed conservative bastions of Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Utah." I am not sure why the writer would determine that Georgia, for instance, is a conservative bastion. While there are plenty who vote Republican in the presidential races, the major cities are as liberal as LA or New York, and their representation reflects that (hence the larger tax burden than the writer "predicts.") Therefore, I am not immediately convinced that this site is legit.

Moreover, the two different bumperstickers offered at the site spell out the decision facing those who, in today's parlance, would be considered "conservative":
These two stickers reflect very different attitudes towards Pres. Bush and the anticipated action. I'll throw my lot in with conservatives "not satisfied" but not necessarily "against" Bush, and definitely not in the group of Conservatives for Kerry.

Even the name of the group is suspect. You don't hear about the "Liberals for Bush," although many of Pres. Bush's policy proposals are considerably more "liberal" than what Pres. Clinton ever tried (outside of health reform). The median voter theorem suggests that a conservative will vote for Bush, not vote at all, or might vote for a libertarian candidate, but should not vote for Kerry - the same holds in reverse for those on the left of the political spectrum. As John Kerry hasn't had made a single conservative policy suggestion that I have seen, I don't think there are that many "conservatives for Kerry."

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