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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Another in bad taste...

Yahoo is full of weird pictures today. This picture shows a couple of nudists walking to the beach. Frankly, not much to look at.

Which brings up an interesting thought experiment. Most likely the only people you are going to see at a nudist beach are people that you really don't want to see naked. Why? It is Gresham's Law - which in monetary theory predicts that bad (counterfeit) money will eventually drive good money out of the market as individuals will only want to use the bad money.

So when it comes a nudist beach, if you really are a playboy or playgirl centerfold you don't want to be at the public nudist beach because you will attract too much attention. In the end, the less attractive people are the only ones left on the beach.

This is only a theory, mind you, as I have never been to a nudist beach or to the French Riviera, etc. Yet it makes a bit of sense, and the yahoo!! picture bears me out.

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