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Friday, June 04, 2004

ACLU - Anti-Christian Litigation Union?

Looking for totalitarianism under every stone, in Los Angeles County, California, the ACLU (Anti-Christian Litigation Union) has threatened to sue the county if it doesn't remove the "cross" from the county seal. So, we take the cross off the seal so that people don't feel "unwelcome" to Los Angeles, which means "The Angels"? I am confused. Simply removing the cross from the seal doesn't rewrite the history of Los Angeles county, but it would be the beginning of the process of making people forget or misremember the history of the county (the same tricks are played in all totalitarian systems - see story below).

If such things were just taking place in California, then maybe the rest of us say "sleep in the bed you made." But the ACLU is intent on removing all vestiges of Christianity in this country, while at the same time supporting any other religion and religous expression as long as it isn't Christianity.

Here's a picture of the seal
and an explanation of the elements of the seal.

So, the seal also has a cow (gasp, support of Hinduism?), a tuna (gasp, support of the Cowboys?), a Roman goddess (gasp, support of paganism?), a Spanish galleon (very politically incorrect), oil derricks (the environmentalists just passed out), and a caliper and straight-edge (to recognize engineering and knowledge?). Well, there is a whole lot to be insulted by and the single cross (the tuna is bigger) doesn't seem to be the worst thing. Yet, the ACLU focuses only on the cross and not the other images.

Who gives a flip about a seal anyway? I know the great seal of the state of Georgia (my home state) and I remember the seal of the Confederacy and the United States of America. What is the seal of Arlington, Texas? I don't know, I don't care, and regardless of what is on the seal or not, I didn't feel more or less welcome because of the seal. People need to lighten up. If this was all that mattered, then we could do away with all the seals and not worry about what the ACLU is doing. But this would be a dangerous option.

Groups like the ACLU are intent on rewriting the past by making those in the present and future forget the past, or never learn about it in the first place. We all have seen the stories about high school seniors (and college students) who cannot put World War I, World War II and the Civil War in chronological order, do not know what "Remember the Maine" means, etc. This is because they do not learn about these things in school.

Seals and flags are symbols that might be interpreted as insulting or emotionally distrubing. On the other hand, seals and flags present a condensed history lesson - valuable for many reasons. Perhaps the sensibilities of the extreme minority should not supersede the public-good aspects that such symbols offer.

Other points of interest:

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