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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Who commits the real attrocities?

So the U.S. is accused of violating the Geneva Convention and the Defense Secretary offers compensation to those fragile flowers in Iraq who were traumatized by standing naked, etc. in prison. While the Congressional Democrats today spent precious time and treasure "investigating" the so-called abuses, Al Qaeda releases the video of the decapitation of U.S. civilian Nick Berg. Dangit...

The left can't buy a break when trying to show how Pres. Bush, et al. are ruining the country. Al Gore gives his global warming speech on the coldest day in New York City in 110 years, and now just at the time the left is going to get Pres. Bush on failing to monitor the daily and nightly activities of 150,000 soldiers in Iraq, the Radical Islamists ruin things by re-orienting our perspective.

There are "atrocities" and then there are atrocities.

Will the rest of the world offer any outrage over Iraqis beheading a U.S. civilian who was in country to help repair communications systems?

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