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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Where was this Al Gore in 2000?

Al Gore has now become the Southern preacher that he probably was meant to be all along. This speech is pure lunacy and shows exactly how the American left has either missed the point of the WTC attacks or shows how absolutely terrified they are that Pres. Bush will be successful in Iraq. In my opinion it is the latter, because the American left is not so stupid to believe that we should not have responded to Sept. 11 IN FORCE.

The only thing the left has now is to claim that Iraq is a failure before we know if it is a failure or not. Another is to claim that Bush had/has no plan when it is patently obvious that a plan exists - it might not be a plan that the left wanted Bush to implement, but that is different than not having a plan. Oh well, such is politics.

Notice the lack of headlines about the economy, deflation, jobless claims, trade deficits, and interest rates. No longer do we have daily reports of how the budget is too large, that the budget deficit will forever expand. No longer do we have daily headlines about how the PATRIOT ACT is ruining civil liberties, nor do we have daily reports of how senior citizens are eating dog food in order to buy prescription drugs. We don't have daily headlines about how Bush has failed to fund the No Child Left Behind Act, we have no headlines about how the energy crisis is the result of conspiracy between Chaney and Haliburtin.

The main reason we don't have these headlines any more is because they would be lies. When the headlines proclaimed, seemingly with glee, that the unemployment rate had increased, and "experts" predicted more of the same, the democrats were quick to jump on board and call Pres. Bush inept and out of touch with the American people. The answer lies in John Kerry, who (as we all know) is a regular guy..ahem.

Now, the media is not so quick to point out the good economic news, nor to highlight any possible good that can come out of Iraq. The national media completely ignores the Nick Berg video and focuses on recently released pictures of events that took plact LAST YEAR!!! It is absolutely frustrating, and I sincerely hope that speeches such as that given by Al Gore do not go far in changing minds.

How would Al Gore, et al, have responded if Pres. Bush (Sr.) and VP Dan Quayle had called for Janet Reno's resignation after Waco and Ruby Ridge, or had called for Donna Shallala's resignation after every one of her speeches and policy proposals. I am sure Al and Clinton, et al, would have responded with counter-accusations of treason, that Republicans were engaged in bitter partisan character assassination, and that the calls for resignation showed a fundamental lack of respect for the separation of powers codified in the U.S. Constitution. I am sure the national media would have gladly stuck cameras and microphones in the face and mouth of everyone who wanted to call Republicans racist, sexist, treasonist, anti-American, big-business conspiring oafs.

After Al Gore's speech what do we hear from the national media? Are those crickets? Not even that....pathetic.

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