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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Unintended consequences of "uniting" with the French

This BBC story discusses an European Union ruling that butchers are not allowed to give away bones and meat trimings for dogs, unless such waste is stored and displayed like all other meat products sold to the public.
The Defra [Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] spokesman added: "All the waste from a butcher's shop is being seen as a by-product and must not be used for human consumption.

"But there is an exemption because customers can take bones away with them when they ask a butcher to de-bone some meat because it's still considered human food.

"But the moment a bone or trimming is regarded as waste or pet food then it's a by-product and cannot be passed to the public."

The regulation is a consequence of the animal by-products regulations 2003.

Oh, the unintended consequences of protecting special interests. As one local butcher put it:

Aled Morgan, 35, a fifth generation butcher from Aberystwyth, said: "I just don't see where the EU is coming from.

"It's just going to cost butchers more money. It's going to cost an additional £2,000 a year to dispose of the fat and bones.

"The local butcher had the edge when it came to bones compared to supermarkets. They could pass the bone over, but it makes you think whether this directive is a result of pressure from powerful supermarkets. It's just a stupid rule."

I would blame it on the French, but it is just Leviathan. Alas, poor Fido and Spot now suffer from the bureaucracy.

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