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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Some diversions

What happens after 15 years of extended drug use (thanks Coolios).

What some people do to themselves to stay "pretty" and "famous."

Printing on Pringles? The company rep says no decision has been made on possible advertising on potato chips. Yeah, right.

How to guarantee you don't get your security deposit back when moving out.

Reason #4546 for not messing with the United States to the point of getting our military involved. In the U.S. more people are killed each year by "loved ones," which doesn't bode well for those whom we don't like. Moreover, we are two generations of technology away from having 22 million 12-15 year olds who can fight an "Ender's Game" type of warfare and dominate the world. One would expect that things like this would make others think twice before picking a fight with us.

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