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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Markets in everything

This story is about an entrepreneur who is using the CB radio and the loneliness of truckers to turn a buck selling pornographic movies on a side road by a major truck stop. Unfortunately, the good folks of Mount Comfort, Indiana, are not too excited about a smut peddler operating in their neighborhood, especially when the pickup with the smut is parked less than a mile from a school and a churh.

The main problem? The local zoning officer claims that selling porn "...is not a permitted use for that property." However, the local sheriff "Nick Gulling said he does not know of any laws being violated." Moreover, his office adds that Mount Comfort doesn't "...have a peddlers ordinance or law in this county that we know of."

The answer? The county commissioners may just pass a law to make selling porn illegal. Go figure.

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