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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Kim, Kim, Kim....tsk

Kim Delaney quit NYPD Blue in order to give movies a crack. The end result has been a short stint on CSI: Miami and the forgettable 10.5 miniseires that aired on NBC over the weekend. I missed Sunday's excitement because we were at the Rangers game and that which I saw on Monday was badly written, poorly acted and ultimately unbelievable.

Most glaring was the idea that the fault lines would be "fused" together using nuclear bombs - buried to a whopping four hundred feet. I didn't watch close enough to get what size the bombs were supposed to be, but having a nuclear bomb go off less than two hundred feet from the surface doesn't sound too safe, even if the President signed off on it (and people are nervous about Pres. Bush!).

I doubt any serious seismologist would think that the blasts would actually "fuse" the fault line. This page shows the earthquakes in the SF Bay area over the past week. Most of the tremors are multiple kilometers below the surface - seemingly out of the reach of the nuclear blasts portrayed in 10.5

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