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Thursday, May 27, 2004

How many Bozos in the world?

My friend Courtney LaFountain points out that there is some controversy at the Clown Hall of Fame about which Bozo the Clown should be inducted this year. BTW, the Clown Hall of Fame is in Millwaukee, Wisconsin - go figure. The museum probably got funding through a previous Highway Bill.

According to the article, there were more than 200 Bozos trained over the years. This seems to be a gross underestimate of the number of Bozos in the country, not to mention the world. The inductee list has been declining over the years - iduction started in 1989 - but there are very few inductees that are still alive. Evidently there hasn't been much entry in the clown market, or at least entry that is of sufficient quality.

Finally, there is only one name I recognize in the entire Hall of Fame - Red Skelton. I suppose that is the way it is supposed to be - isn't the whole raison d'etre of a clown to be unknown? Seems like the museum would have a limited audience but I am sure that Milwaukee hypes the clown hall of fame as a quality tourist destination.

I recommend the formation of the Mime Hall of Fame, maybe in lieu of the Rain forest they want to build in the middle of Iowa - at least the acceptance speeches will be short.

Mike Ward: "200 Bozos? I've met every one of them."

Courtney LaFountain: "What a bunch of clowns."

Linda Depken: "The International Clown Hall of Fame is probably in someone's basement." Well, she is close. The ICHoF is in the GRAND AVENUE MALL in Milwaukee (I should read the fine print on web sites a little closer). I can find no reference to the ICHoF on the Milwaukee internet tourism sites that I visited. I understand not wanting to print brochures about the ICHoF, but the web is free advertising. Is the market for the ICHoF really too thin?

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