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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Final post of the day...

This is my final post today - I have to grade my final exams. However, this was too good to be true.

Another waffle off the old Kerry iron. Yesterday a vote to extend unemployment benefits failed by one vote - evidently that of John Kerry who didn't make it to his JOB because he was campaigning about the unemployed in Kentucky. What a tin ear this guy has.

Here's a Kerry spokesman's description of Kerry's stance on the issue of unemployment benefits:
Campaign spokesman David Wade had said earlier in the day that Kerry "has fought again and again to extend unemployment benefits for workers left behind in the Bush economy. The reason we haven't succeeded is because George Bush opposes extending unemployment insurance and so do his allies in the Republican House of Representatives and 39 Republican senators."

Here's John Kerry's rationalization for not making it to the Senate floor:
Campaigning in Florida, Kerry said he didn't come back to Washington for the vote because he understood that Senate Republicans would not let the measure pass.

"We were told that no matter what would happen they would change a vote in the Senate and they were not going to let it happen," Kerry said in an interview in Jacksonville with television stations WIXX and WTLV. "They don't want it to happen. It is very clear that even if they pass it in the Senate, they are not going to pass it in the House."


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