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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Does the punishment fit the crime?

From the annals of "Jungle Justice" comes this report from the BBC about swans attacking dogs in a local park. However, it might be the case that the swan is responding in kind as "[t]he BBC understands the swan may have lost cygnets in a previous shooting incident at the park."

Wait a second. Innocent dogs are being killed in revenge for the bad behavior of someone higher on the food chain? Talk about a low blow. Instead of taking on the actual perpertrator(s), the swan has to go after man's best friend.

Reminds me of the NCAA, which habitually hands out punishments for violations by the men's basketball team that are ultimately borne by the women's golf team or some other innocent, non-revenue generating sport. Perhaps those who do the crime don't always do the time - both in human and animal societies?

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