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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

More hate from the left...

Drudge broke this story the other day, and it has legs. It is time for the media to hold the Democrat party accountable for what their membership says, just as they hold Republicans responsible as a group for what their membership says. Compare Biden praising Robert Byrd vs. Trent Lott praising Strom Thurman, the treatment of claims that Clinton bombed Sudan on the day of Monica Lewinsky's testimony and Ted Kennedy's claim that the Iraq invasion was ginned up in Texas for the benefit of Halliburton - the examples are too numerous.

Some in the Democrat party seem to think themselves revolutionaries in the spirit of Lenin and the old way. This comes across in language that reveals deep hatred of Republican politicians and administration officials, a willingness to believe conspiracy theories beyond the imagination (Clinton's Vince Foster conspiracy on a global level), and the use of "violent language" that must later be clarified for the non-revolutionaries. This type of language is becoming much more common from the U.S. left and should be of concern.

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