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Friday, April 16, 2004

A lid for every pot...

This blog is only interesting for how crazed people get when they start thinking about Pres. Bush too much. It touts an accolade from "Out of Bounds" Magazine, which I have never heard of, but ostensibly the people who would normally visit counterpunch have.

This is a typical statement from a post title "Steamed Rice: Being Condi Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry"
Don't expect Condoleezza Rice to apologize for messing up on 9-11. She hasn't apologized yet for getting it wrong on the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Dr. Rice got "it wrong" by supposedly backing Gorbechev in Russia instead of abetting Yeltsin. I fail to grasp why this is a disqualifying issue. Plenty of people have chosen the wrong horse in the past - didn't Arafat get a Nobel Prize for Peace?!?

From what I can gather, the people who contribute to counterpunch are the same people who secretely (and not so secretely) hoped the Soviet system would prevail over the West. To now claim that Dr. Rice was the one that got it wrong is just a bit over the top.

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